MITMUNC features many different committees that embark on a wide array of enthralling topics past, present, and future.

Position Paper Guidelines

Unless the relevant committee’s background guide specifies otherwise, position papers should follow these guidelines:

  • One page for each topic.
  • 12-point font, single-spaced.

  • Delegates should email their completed position paper by January 26th to the email address of their specific committee, which can be found under each committee name below.


    Security Council

    Chairs: Eva Goldie, Octavio Vega

    Topic 1: Peace and Stability in a Post-Arab Spring North Africa
    Topic 2: Responding to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Myanmar


    Disarmament and International Security

    Chairs: Edward Jin, Kenneth Cox

    Topic 1: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
    Topic 2: Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction


    UN Economic & Social Council

    Chairs: Sophia Li, Jemma Schroder

    Topic 1: Developing support and recovery plans, focusing on marginalized populations, in a post-COVID-19 world
    Topic 2: Promoting international collaboration in environmentally sustainable technological development


    International Criminal Court

    Chairs: Leela Fredlund, William Nolan

    Topic 1: Uyghur Camps - Chen Quanguo
    Topic 2: DRC War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity - Ngudjolo Chui


    UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization

    Chairs: Derek Velez, Caitlin Fukumoto

    Topic 1: Protection of Cultural Heritage Amid Armed Conflict
    Topic 2: Open Access to Scientific Research


    UN High Commissioner for Refugees

    Chairs: Jennifer Ai, Stuti Khandwala

    Topic 1: Tackling displacement of refugees due to climate change
    Topic 2: Improving access to education for refugees


    UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

    Chairs: Masha Geogdzhayeva, Madeleine Li

    Topic 1: Negotiating new outer space defense and weapons systems laws/regulations
    Topic 2: Treaty on lunar mining, commercialization of space


    World Health Organization

    Chairs: Arbri Kopliku, Dina Atia

    Topic 1: TBA
    Topic 2: TBA

    Joint Crisis

    Cold War

    Chairs: Arnav Patel, Rene Reyes, Zachary Alfaro

    Topic 1: South American Coups
    Topic 2: Korean War (tentative)


    The Court of George V, 1930

    Chairs: George Abu Daoud, Maya Abiram

    Topic 1: Rise of Fascism in Europe
    Topic 2: Strengthening Imperialism of Great Britain