What is MITMUNC?

The MIT Model United Nations Conference is the premier international Model UN conference for high school students with a special focus on small committee sizes.

Unlike other conferences, in which many students encounter little to no leeway for participation inside massive general sessions, MITMUNC leverages committee sizes in such a way that gives students the most opportunity for personal contribution and distinction.

MITMUNC is ran by a dedicated group of talented and passionate MIT undergraduate united by our organization’s mission is to inspire high school students to become enlightened leaders of tomorrow. MITMUNC pushes its delegates to formulate feasible solutions to difficult controversies, challenging them to convince others with potentially different agendas.

The chairs and staff running MITMUNC hail from a diversity of academic and personal backgrounds. They major in Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Political Science, Mechanical Engineering, and more. They come from the United States and its territories as well as from countries and provinces within Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Many have ambitions to enroll in graduate school in medicine, law, and the social sciences after college, as well beginning their careers making their mark in industry. A majority even already has experience in industry, through valuable internship and research experiences they work in their summers and semesters.

However, all those organizing MITMUNC foster MIT’s aspiration of making the world a better place and challenge the students attending MITMUNC to do same.

With such a rich diversity at hand, MITMUNC pushes its delegates to go beyond their immediate context, learn about nations and dilemmas that they may not have known even existed, and grown in many ways as a result. Such experiences are mostly unavailable in a traditional classroom setting.

MITMUNC is in its eleventh successful year after having separated from BosMUN and expanding at a rapid pace.

MITMUNC is growing internationally and has an annual conference in Shanghai in the late summer, MITMUNC China.

MITMUNC XI 2019 Secretariat


Madeline Zhang



William A. Rodriguez

Under Secretary-General


Karunya Sethuraman


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Arjun Mithal

Chief Financial Officer

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Alexander Dimitrakakis

Chief Operating Officer

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Emily Xie


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Amy Kim

Director of Business

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Meia Alsup

Director of Innovation and Technology

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Emma Bernstein

Director of Public Relations