MITMUNC X 2018 Committees

MITMUNC features many different committees that embark on a wide array of enthralling topics past, present, and future.

United Nations Security Council

Chairs: Claire Hsu, Ellie Plachinski

Topics: The Nuclear Threat on the Korean Peninsula, The Status of Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Chairs: Alex Zele, Justin Gong

Topics: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Proliferation of Cyberweapons

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Futuristic Committee

Chairs: Aaron Fleischer, Ting Li

Topics: Nuclear Proliferation, Race to Space

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Human Rights Council

Chairs: Daniel Hong, Kristen Surrao

Topics: Personal Protection Rights, Children's Rights

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United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Chairs: Radha Mastreanda, Amy Fang

Topics: Climate Change, Income Inequality

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World Health Organization

Chairs: Smrithi Raman, Lani Lee

Topics: Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS

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United Nations Environment Program

Chairs: Áron Ricardo Perez Lopez, Nadezhda Dimitrova

Topics: Hydraulic Fracturing, Nuclear Power as a Sustainable, Non-Renewable Source of Energy

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Historical Committee

Chair: Christopher Copeland, Katie O'Nell

Topic: British War Cabinet, French War Cabinet

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European Union

Chairs: Steven Holcomb, Jack Gordon

Topics: Turkish Accession to the EU, EU Military

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World Trade Organization

Chairs: Brook Eyob, Melanie Chen

Topics: Trade and Climate Change, Consumer Protection

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International Monetary Fund

Chairs: Griffin Ansel, Anagh Tiwary

Topics: The Membership of Cuba, The Greek Bailout

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International Atomic Energy Agency

Chairs: Joe Faraguna, Jacob Miske

Topics: Non-Proliferation Treaty Renegotiation, Waste Reduction Methods

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Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Chairs: Zoya Fan, Stephanie Yuen

Topics: Effective Implementation of Women's Economic Rights Legislation, Drug Trafficking

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United Nations High Council for Refugees

Chairs: Kendall Garner, Alexander Papp

Topics: High Risk Migrant Movements across the Mediterranean, Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Myanmar

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Special Political & Decolonization Committee

Chairs: Miana Smith, Miller Tan

Topic: Issue of Gibraltar, Nuclear Testing in French Polynesia

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Economic Social Council

Chairs: Oumaïma Makhlouk, Sarah Quraishi

Topic: Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico, Economic Aid for Syria

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