MITMUNC China 2024

Dear Delegate,

It is our utmost pleasure and distinct privilege to cordially invite you to the sixth annual edition of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) China, held August 5-7. Normally held in the magnificent city of Shanghai, MITMUNC China will be held virtually for its third consecutive year, for the safety of its delegates, as well as our hosts. We aim to ensure safety while still providing you with a unique experience that leverages modern technologies to connect a diverse group of young and innovative minds.

MITMUNC China is an important and exciting addition to the MITMUNC family as our first conference series taking place outside of the United States.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to meet and collaborate with other bright, motivated high school students from all over China. Students will engage in cultural exchange, practice negotiating and compromising through structured debate, and work together and innovate to solve the pressing issues of today and the future.

We are excited to offer four committees this year, united under the common theme of Sustainable Innovation and Security in the Modern World. We will challenge you to solve problems ranging from building innovative climate resiliency solutions to the Pacific Island nations to navigating an international effort to promote peaceful recovery and violence reduction in Haiti. We are very grateful for the help of ASDAN China, our generous partner who is co-hosting this conference along with us.

We look forward to hearing all your creative solutions to these modern-day international problems, and hope you will join us for MITMUNC China 2022. See you there!


Maya Abiram

MIT Class of 2024


MITMUNC China 2024

Jad Abou Ali

MIT Class of 2026


MITMUNC China 2024

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Conference information

Dates and Location:  

August 5-7, 2022. Virtual.


Please visit ASDAN China's link for more details.


For all concerns or questions, please contact the MITMUNC China Secretariat: