MITMUNC XVI Committees

MITMUNC features many different committees that embark on a wide array of enthralling topics past, present, and future. MITMUNC XVI committees will be released Fall 2023. Please see the following committees for MITMUNC XVI. Background guides will be updated in mid-December, but now are linked to past background guides as examples.

Position Paper Guidelines

Unless the relevant committee’s background guide specifies otherwise, position papers should follow these guidelines:

  • One page for each topic.
  • 12-point font, single-spaced.

  • Delegates should submit their completed position paper by Committee Session I on February 9th in the form linked under their specific committee, which can be found by clicking the committee name in the cards below.

    Parlimentary Procedure

    All committees will follow the MITMUNC Official Position Paper Guidelines.

    Additionally, all committees will follow the MITMUNC Official Rules and Procedure.

    Beginner Committees


    UN Economic & Social Council

    Chairs: Cervantes Pagan and Haylea Brock

    Topic 1: Blue Gold: The Economics of Water Security
    Topic 2: AI-lling Your Ailments: How Robots and Medicine Team Up


    World Health Organization

    Chairs: Isabel Baez and Matthew Yohanes

    Topic 1: Worldwide Inaccessibility to Abortions and Increased Maternal Death
    Topic 2: Combating the Opioid Overdose Epidemic


    UN High Commission for Refugees

    Chairs: Price Taylor and Xavier Mercado

    Topic 1: The Mediterranean Refugee Crisis
    Topic 2: Framework for Responding to and Sheltering Massive Numbers of Refugees

    Intermediate Committees


    International Atomic Energy Agency

    Chairs: Kaelyn Dunnell and Claire Martin

    Topic 1: Martial and Industrial Nuclear Containment
    Topic 2: Advancing Sustainable Nuclear Energy: Nuclear Fusion


    UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

    Chairs: Leela Fredlund and Anika Puri

    Topic 1: Effective Policy to Limit Space Debris
    Topic 2: Moon Bases or Permanent Stations on Planetary Bodies

    Advanced Committees


    Dayton Agreement of 1995

    Chairs: Evan Ewing and Malhaar Agrawal

    Topic 1: Dayton Agreement of 1995
    Topic 2: N/A


    The Iron Thrones: A Game of Thrones Inspired Race to the Throne

    Chairs: Pratistha Timilsina and Evie Cai

    Topic 1: The Iron Thrones: A Game of Thrones Inspired Race to the Throne
    Topic 2: N/A


    International Court of Justice

    Chairs: Nicolas Valayannopoulos-Akrivou and Lama Diriyeh

    Topic 1: Egypt v. Ethiopia: The Renaissance Dam
    Topic 2: Armenia v. Azerbaijan: Territorial Sovereignty in Nagorno-Karabakh