MITMUNC XV Committees

MITMUNC features many different committees that embark on a wide array of enthralling topics past, present, and future. MITMUNC XV committees will be released Fall 2022. Please refer to the following past committees as examples.

Position Paper Guidelines

Unless the relevant committee’s background guide specifies otherwise, position papers should follow these guidelines:

  • One page for each topic.
  • 12-point font, single-spaced.

  • Delegates should submit their completed position paper by January 29th in the form linked under their specific committee, which can be found by clicking the committee name in the cards below.

    Parlimentary Procedure

    All committees will follow the MITMUNC Official Rules and Procedure.

    Beginner Committees


    UN Economic & Social Council

    Chairs: Sophia Li, Jemma Schroder

    Topic 1: Developing support and recovery plans, focusing on marginalized populations, in a post-COVID-19 world
    Topic 2: Promoting international collaboration in environmentally sustainable technological development


    UN High Commissioner for Refugees

    Chairs: Jennifer Ai, Stuti Khandwala

    Topic 1: Supporting the social inclusion of refugees
    Topic 2: Empowering refugees through technology


    UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

    Chairs: Masha Geogdzhayeva, Madeleine Li

    Topic 1: Negotiating new outer space defense and weapons systems laws/regulations
    Topic 2: Treaty on lunar mining, commercialization of space

    Intermediate Committees


    Disarmament and International Security

    Chairs: Edward Jin, Kenneth Cox

    Topic 1: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
    Topic 2: Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction


    The Court of George V, 1930

    Chairs: George Abu Daoud, Maya Abiram

    Topic 1: Rise of Fascism in Europe
    Topic 2: Strengthening Imperialism of Great Britain


    UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization

    Chairs: Derek Velez, Caitlin Fukumoto

    Topic 1: Protection of Cultural Heritage Amid Armed Conflict
    Topic 2: Open Access to Scientific Research


    World Health Organization

    Chairs: Arbri Kopliku, Dina Atia

    Topic 1: Creating a Global Pandemic Task Force

    Advanced Committees

    Joint Crisis

    Cold War

    Chairs: Arnav Patel, Rene Reyes, Zachary Alfaro

    Topic 1: Conflicts in Latin America During the Cold War


    Security Council

    Chairs: Eva Goldie, Octavio Vega

    Topic 1: The Rohingya Crisis and Militant Buddhism
    Topic 2: UN Security Council Reform


    International Criminal Court

    Chairs: Leela Fredlund, William Nolan

    Topic 1: Uyghur Camps - Chen Quanguo
    Topic 2: DRC War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity - Ngudjolo Chui